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Contents of Frog Skeletal Muscle

bulletDetermination of Threshold
bulletTwitch Amplitude and Duration
bulletSummation, Tetanus and Fatigue

Details of Frog Skeletal Muscle

This program deals with the characteristics of whole muscle contraction. The tape begins with a consideration of the terms tension and load. Following an introduction to these terms, differences between isotonic and isometric recordings are presented. The equipment used to study isometric contractions is demonstrated.

The dissection of the muscle-femur preparation is illustrated via a series of diagrams. The actual apparatus for recording muscle contractions is presented. This equipment includes a Tektronix model 5113 dual beam, dual trace storage oscilloscope, a Grass model S-44 stimulator and a model FT .03 transducer. Calibration of the transducer is demonstrated .

With the foregoing serving as background information, the tape introduces the muscle twitch. Following this introduction to twitch contraction, the tape considers the determination of threshold, twitch amplitude and duration. Next, the tape concludes with a series of demonstrations of treppe, incomplete tetanus, complete tetanus and ultimately fatigue. Two channels of information are available on this tape. At selected points in the presentation a data readout of both the stimulus and the response is provided.


February 08, 2001

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